Reaching Out to Our Community

Reaching Out to Our Community

Project of “Artists Serving Public Awareness (Democracy and Human rights)”

This project was implemented to alert youth in rural areas in topics of democracy, women’s rights, civil participation and abiding by the rule of law. The reason for implementing this project in rural areas is because the social structure in these areas heavily relies on familial and semi-tribal relations, where the universal concepts of democracy and human rights are somewhat unfamiliar. The project, targeting a group of youth 14-18 years old, worked on developing their understanding of the rights of free opinion and respecting the opinion of the other, equality between genders and the importance of respecting the rule of law in our society, especially in conflict and crisis resolving .The twenty  working days with twenty  villages in Ramallah city were implemented, where the target group was 14-20 years old youth.



  • The public awareness of Democracy & Human Rights among  600 youths from rural areas increased


Project was funded by Tamkeen.

Project of “Mobile Art Festivals in the Marginal Areas”

The object and location of the action

This project was implemented in marginalized villages and refugee camps at Ramallah to elevate art awareness in such areas.The 12 working days in 12 children cultural centers were implemented in different villages.



  • The art awareness among 600 children elevated.


Project was funded by Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation SDC.

Project of  “Enhancing the Environmental Awareness for Children of Hebron”

The Object and location of the action

The project was implemented in the old city of Heron. The purpose of this action was to enhance the environmental awareness and hygiene among children in Hebron.



  • The environmental awareness among 95 children enhanced.


Project was funded by Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH)

Project of “Social Rehabilitation for Juveniles through Art”

This project dealt with a rather delicate target group. The target group was comprised of 33 young women and men, who are residents of two shelters for juveniles in Ramallah and Bet Jala. The object of this project is to work with this group on rebuilding their confidence in themselves as citizens and members of the community who have their rights equally as other individuals of the society. Most of these children were confronted with conflicts of different kinds with the law, and the society and their families, and some were physically assaulted by the police. Thus, the project introduced them to the human rights and it was an attempt to rebuild their trust in the community and open up channels for them to reincorporate themselves into this community. YAF worked with juveniles in two homes, Dar El Amal in Ramallah and Dar el Fatayat in Bet Jala. In addition YAF’s strategy in implementing this project was using arts, drama and painting, where they expressed what they have accomplished in the workshop through these two disciplines of art.


Project was funded by Tamkeen.

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