projects implemented by VAF

NAME OF Donor Organization
Visual Arts Education Programme                                           SIDA Fund through The A.M. Qattan Foundation

Creative clubs for children                                                         Canada Fund / ANERA

Promoting the Democratic Concepts
& Human
Rights for the youth through Arts
European Union

Illustration School (1st stage ) courses for Artists

Illustration School (2nd stage ) courses for Artists

Illustration School (3rd stage ) courses for Artists

Psychological Well-being for school children
Canada Fund through the NPA Secretariat / The Palestinian
Ministry of Planning

Enhancing the Vocational Art for Teachers
UNESCO / Palestinian National Commission for Education ,
in Public Schools
Culture & Science

Spreading colors on Children of the Splitting
War Child Holland
Colonial Wall

Summer Camp 2008
War Child Holland

Summer Camp 2007
War Child Holland

Elevating Peace Culture Through Art
Canada Fund

Training and Rehabilitation of Young Artists                            UNDP

From Child to Child

Enhancing the concept of Democracy and

good governance

Camp Discover 2008                                                                    AMIDEAST

Mobile Art Festivals in the Marginal Areas                              Swiss Agency for Development Agency

My right                                                                                          Swedish Foundation for individual relief

Art is a tool for community participation                                 Catholic Relief Services Project CRS
and change

Promotion awareness among children about                         Save the children /UK
possible measures to protect their rights.

Another Chance for school dropouts                                       Welfare Association-Taawon

Children Arts in the Marginalized Village II                             Spanish Cooperation Office

Enhancement of democratic principles                                   Representative Office of the Kingdom of Netherlands
between students

Enhancing the Environmental Awareness for                         Temporary International Presence in Hebron ( TIPH)
Children of the Old Town of Hebron

Children Arts in Marginalized Villages                                      Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)

Children Arts in Marginalized Village                                        Spanish Cooperation Office

Vocational Rehabilitation of Talented                                       Australian Representative Office ( AusAID)
Young Females in Arts

Enhancing the Concept of Peace to the Youth                        Palestinian Peace Coalition ( PPC )

Social Peace Through Art                                                            Pontifical Mission CNEWA

Children of Bil’een telling their stories                                       The Jerusalem Fund for education Community

Camp Discover                                                                               AMIDEAST

Acknowledging the trainers about the                                       Arab Student Aid International ( ASAI)
importance of the children Psychological health

Brief description of some projects implemented us (VAF)/ (YAF)

Visual Arts Education Programme
 “Visual Arts Education Programme” aims to relaunch the Forum’s activities in Ramallah and to develop its institutional capacities and sustainability. The Visual Arts Education Programme intends to further develop the Forum’s art education curriculum, in addition to implementing specialized training for trainers on pedagogical methods related to the existing curriculum. The programme will also develop the Forum’s overall strategy and its financial and administrative policies, as well as contribute to producing and implementing a fundraising plan to ensure sustainability.
From Child to Child

The object and location of the action:

The Visual Arts Forum / Youth Artists Forum has signed a mutual agreement with MARAM Project for healthier families on April 20th, 2003. The concept of this project was to arts (Drama and fine arts) to serve cultural health awareness for children and their mothers. The duration of this project was 11 months. This project was considered a very successful one amongst other projects implemented by different NGO’s. The target areas for this project were rural areas and camps in Ramallah and some of Nablus’ villages.

Enhancement of Vocational Art for Teachers in Both Public and Private Schools

The object and location of the action:

This project was implemented in 35 elementary schools with the coordination of the Ministry of Education. The target areas were Ramallah city and in some of Nablus’ villages’. The concept of this project was thoroughly training 35 art teachers through the conduction of training workshops at YAF center. Teachers were visited at their schools and a 3 hour workshop was implemented with the participation of their students.

Artists Serving Public Awareness (Democracy and Human rights)

Object and location of the action:

This project was implemented to alert youth in rural areas in topics of democracy, women’s rights, civil participation and abiding by the rule of law. The reason for implementing this project in rural areas is because the social structure in these areas heavily relies on familial and semi-tribal relations, where the universal concepts of democracy and human rights are somewhat unfamiliar. The project, targeting a group of youth 14-18 years old, worked on developing their understanding of the rights of free opinion and respecting the opinion of the other, equality between genders and the importance of respecting the rule of law in our society, especially in conflict and crisis resolving. The 20 working days in 20 villages in Ramallah city were implemented, where the target group was 14-20 years old youth. This project was sponsored by TAMKEEN.

Mobile Art Festivals in the Marginal Areas

Object and location of the action:

This project was implemented in Ramallah villages and camps to elevate art awareness in such areas. The 12 working days in 12 children cultural centers were implemented in different villages.

Enhancing Democratic Concepts for Youth through Arts in Schools

Object and location of the action:

This project was implemented in both Ramallah Catholic School and Ramallah Secondary Girls’ School, where the duration of this project was 4 months. The project is based on introducing concepts of democracy, human rights and rights to elect to group of young people, aged 13-18. The project not only offered lectures and explanations on these notions, but the core of it were debates and discussions held after presenting the material to the target group. In turn, the 300 young people, with the help of art trainers used artistic means and skills to express and embody their new knowledge and experience through a number of art works. The project was a combination of learning and then implementing and expressing what is being learned.

Vocational Rehabilitation of Talented Young Females in Arts

 Object and location of the action:

The project was implemented in Ramallah at the VAF/YAF center; the purpose of this project was to offer talented unemployed females training in artistic matters and then offering them certificates validated by the Ministry of education.

Enhancing the Environmental Awareness for Children of Hebron

Object and location of the action:

The project was implemented in the old city of Heron. The purpose of this action was to enhance the environmental awareness and hygiene among children in Hebron.

Social Rehabilitation for Juveniles through Art

Object and location of the action:

This project dealt with a rather delicate target group. The target group was comprised of 33 young women and men, who are residents of two shelters for juveniles in Ramallah and Bet Jala. The object of this project is to work with this group on rebuilding their confidence in themselves as citizens and members of the community who have their rights equally as other individuals of the society. Most of these children were confronted with conflicts of different kinds with the law, and the society and their families, and some were physically assaulted by the police. Thus, the project introduced them to the human rights and it was an attempt to rebuild their trust in the community and open up channels for them to reincorporate themselves into this community. VAF worked with juveniles in two homes, Dar El Amal in Ramallah and Dar el Fatayat in Bet Jala. In addition VAF’s strategy in implementing this project was using arts, drama and painting, where they expressed what they have accomplished in the workshop through these two disciplines of art.

Psychological Well Being For School Children

The Object and location of the action:

The purpose of the program “Psychological Well Being for School Children” is to improve the psychological well being of children within the 10 schools selected from villages in the Ramallah area that are directly affected by the Apartheid Wall. The project uses Social awareness lectures, workshops in Drama Fine Arts and Dabkeh as the implementing mechanism of the action.

Illustration School ‘Second Stage’

Object and location of the action:

It is a complementary project of the “Illustration Arts courses for Artists” project supported by Diakonia and was carried out during the year 2004. Illustration School ‘Second Stage’ is held in Ramallah at VAF / YAF.

After the participants complete this stage, students will conclude a comprehensive theoretical and practical training curriculum in order to become the first group of illustration artists in Palestine, to work in the field of developing children’s book through drawing, designing, and using fine arts practices. In addition to that the aim of this action is to provide professional qualifications for the young artists so they will be able to apply their attained education in Fine Arts into the local market. Since illustration is a rather service oriented art discipline it provides practical skills to the young professional artists.

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