Economic Empowerment

The program’s vision: Creating sources of income for Palestinian youth through acquiring skills and knowledge in the fields of digital arts and in the field of psychosocial support through arts.

Core strategic intervention: To provide specialized training in areas of arts that are relevant to the local and international markets’ needs in the following areas:

  1. Digital Art Education: teaching Animation 2D, Animation 3D, Illustration, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Motion Graphic, Art content and graphic design on Social Media platforms.
  2. Teaching how to integration between visual arts and psychosocial support.
  3. Business Development education: providing specialized course in freelancing, Job employment, and project startup including providing opportunities for practical on the job training, whether in the local market or abroad, as well as links and relationships between trainees and potential employers in the targeted fields.

Main objectives:

Core strategic outputs:

  • Establish a digital arts laboratory and providing it with the latest devices, equipment and software.
  • Develop teaching programs for each specialty.
  • Attracting the most skilled trainers in the fields of training.
  • Skilled youth in the different fields of digital arts.
  • Skilled youth in the field of psychological and social support using arts.
  • Networking with the private sector and local and international institutions with the aim of creating job opportunities for trainees.

Target groups

  • Visual artists and amateur painters and illustrators.
  • Professional psychologists and social workers.
  • Graduates of the Faculty of Arts or Technology from Palestinian universities.
  • Graduates of social work and psychologist or social worker.
  • School and institution counsellors.